Thursday, 19 March 2015

78/365: Old Pots of Paint

Old pots of paint | to go to the skip.  The previous owners of this house left a couple of pots of paint in the garage, which I haven't given too much thought to but at the back of my mind knew may be useful to touch up any blemishes on the paintwork.  The paint in the photo shows the current colour in the en-suite.  I prefer pastels, so much as I'd like this burgundy colour for soft furnishing somewhere in the home, it is way too dark as the wall colour in a tiny room (especially when its matched to dark brown tiles!).  It just makes the room look smaller. I've now decided to get rid of the paint; life has moved on and, once the bulk of the decluttering is finished, I'll be in a position to start on the redecorating.  I can live with any marks on the wall until then!

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