Sunday, 1 March 2015

60/365: Drinking Straws

February's Dump My Junk resulted in 406 items marked for disposal, mostly to be sold but some have been taken to the skip or been given away.  Because most of it is still here waiting to be sold, I've decided that, for the month of March, I will find at least one thing every day that can be either thrown away, returned to its owner, or given away,  so that by the end of the month at least 31 items will have actually left the house.
Drinking straws | to be thrown away, for the simple fact that in my mind they are linked to Ced's illness.  These were bought for him to use when he lost the use of his hands and could no longer support the weight of a mug or glass, and that's what I'm reminded of every time I see them.  I won't give them away as they were also kept by his bedside in the hospital for five months, so may not be completely germ free.  It's time for them to go!


  1. oh yes, get rid of anything that brings back sad times. I am so impressed with your junk dumping I almost had a go myself. Then it became too much trouble

  2. Sending you best wishes today Eileen.
    Happy memories only!

  3. Have loved following your decluttering and intend to join you but say no more!! I might be able to manage this one though as sure I can find one item a day, in fact looking at one now lol. xx

    1. Hope you're not looking at Mick! xx