Thursday, 5 March 2015

5 in 5 | In the Garden

This month my 5 in 5 photos were taken in my garden. I haven't taken many photos of the garden so far this year, so this was a good opportunity to record what's flowering at the start of March.  These were all taken yesterday afternoon.

The first one is the hellebore I was given at Christmas. It's been a bit battered by the wind but still has plenty of beautiful white flowers.

Next is my favourite ... the pieris with its tiny bell-like flowers.
The cotoneaster still has plenty of bright red berries and brightens up the only shady corner of the garden.

This is one of the heathers, Ruby Glow, with the delicate purple and white flowers. 

And finally, another heather, but I'm not sure which variety this is.  I like the unusual flowers on this one.


  1. You have so much colour in your garden so early, must get out in mine and see if I have any! xx

  2. Hello Eileen, I was going to say the same as Karen, you do have a lot of colour so early in the year and it is hard to say which is my favourite although the Ruby Glow held my attention longest. I used to have lots of heathers once but my garden is without them now, the space given up to larger ponds and my craft cabin. Perhaps I can squeeze one or two back in somewhere!
    Thank you for taking part again this month, I love to see your photos and a glimpse of your garden at this time of year is a lovely record and anticipation of more colour and flowers to come.

  3. Ooh! that white heather is something special. A lovely spring 5.