Saturday, 7 March 2015

I'm Following a Tree | March 2015

I'm Following a Tree
My chosen tree  is the small silver birch growing just around the corner from my house.  Here it is, looking much the same as last month - no real changes to report again this month.

This photo is taken from the same spot but using a wider angle so that it shows a bit more of the surrounding area.  It's growing on one of the green areas that run through the estate.  The ditch to the right of it is a reed bed.

This photo is taken from an upstairs window at the back of my house.  The fence in the bottom left hand corner shows the boundary of my garden and then we're looking over my neighbour's garden which has the brick wall.  What you can't see is the grass border and the path which are just beyond the brick wall.  My tree is the smaller, whiter tree just beyond the one covered in yellow lichen.  You can see the reed bed which goes under the road here and continues alongside a similar green area the other side of the road.  My first two photos were taken from the pavement just below the blue wheelie bin, where the pavement disappears from the photo!

To finish here are a couple of photos that show the colour on the inside of the peeling bark.

I've been reading up about the Silver Birch tree.  Did you know that in the early Celtic mythology it symbolised purification and renewal and was also used as a symbol of love and fertility?
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  1. No. Didn't know about the Celtic associations - but very much admire the silver bark. Does the reed bed have a filtering function.

  2. We had a silver birch in our garden back in Surrey, and I seem to remember that it was very late coming into leaf in the spring, you just about begin to think it may be "dead this year" when it suddenly opens up almost overnight. Will be interesting to see if "your" tree is the same. Joy xx

  3. Oh, I love the beautiful bark!
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. The bark photos are beautiful! so interesting how it peels away like that

  5. It's a lovely little tree, I just love the colour of the bark and how it peels away. I think many years ago they would use the bark like paper and write on it.
    Amanda xx

  6. A beautiful tree to choose. You captured it on a lovely sunny day too which really does make a difference. The bark is stunning. I've just recently planted a white stemmed birch but it's still small and doesn't make much of an impact. You've got me excited about the years to come now.

  7. Your tree has such an ethereal glow and the the peeling bark is just wonderful. Isn't it amazing what our trees go through year after year, decade after decade? They're constantly renewing themselves, throwing off the old and putting on the new. I look forward to seeing what your tree looks like next month!

  8. You have chosen a lovely tree, I love silver birch but I didn't know about the celtic connection. I am looking forward to the coming months to see the changes.

  9. I enjoyed the different view points you have taken your tree, Eileen, and from your description I feel I know it personally!
    I love silver birch, their trunk is so interesting. I have a weeping birch in my garden and some years I wash the trunk to bring back it's natural colour. I must take a look and see if it is time........

  10. Love your tree, both from a distance and close up.
    Amazing how the bark can look like delicate satin in one picture and then old, peeling paint in the next!
    Excellent choice :)

  11. They are stunning trees, aren't they? There are a couple in the next street to me and it always cheers me up just walking past them as they are so magical-looking.