Sunday, 7 June 2015

5 in 5 | The Garden in June

There's lots of patches of colour in the garden at the start of June - some of the colours are a surprise ... not quite what I was expecting in a couple of pots, so there will have to be some moving around at some stage to avoid the clashes of colour.

Here's this month's photos - the first four are from the hanging baskets.  I don't know what they are as this year I opted for packs of plants for each basket and forgot to keep the labels.  If anyone can name them for me I'd be very grateful.

The final photos is of my white freesia! Can you spot the deliberate mistake?

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  1. photos 3 and 4 are petunias - I love that version of white. There are so many shades LOL
    Not sure about the first two photos as my plant naming skills have grown rusty. When I worked in the garden centre/nursery it was a point of pride that I could name all the plants without looking at labels - if my boss could do it then so could I. I was eventually able to write the descriptive labels for the sales area without too much recourse to "Hilliers" which any true nurseryman will tell you is the plantsman's bible

  2. What delicious pops of colour! Your garden is looking lovely and I like surprises in life when they are nice ones. Thank you for taking part in 5in5 and sharing your photos, they always leave me uplifted.

  3. nice
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  4. I did not catch the mistake, but I do love the pretty flowers you posted here!


    1. Betty, the mistake is that the freesias were supposed to be white, not purple.