Tuesday, 30 June 2015

All About ... the Art Course Day 4

This week was all about tones, with the aim of creating a picture using only four tones of the same colour.  We started by learning about how tones work in a picture to create depth, where the lighter tones will be and where the darker tones will be.  We had a line drawing of the scene to copy and then it was all about learning to add water to the paint to produce the various tones and also about the different brushes and when to use them. 

This is as far as I got today, just adding the two lighter tones.  We'll finish the picture next week by adding the two darker tones in the foreground. 
The pencil marks didn't photograph properly so you can't really make out the scene.  We started with a wash of the lightest tone and there is definitely a knack to doing this which I haven't got.  Yet!  I need to practice - mine is very patchy and streaky, but M said it is just all down to practice so once I finish teaching and have a bit more time, guess what I'll be doing!  I did a bit better adding the detail you can see above although, again, I need to practice doing the trees - mine are just a bit too straight.
I like tonal studies so am hoping that this is a technique I can perfect.  I'm not sure about the colour of this one (it was chosen for us!) but I'd love to try one in shades of blue, or shades of grey ... just not 50 shades!!!
Hopefully, I'll be able to show you the finished picture next week.


  1. Looks good!! That is interesting about using the four tones. I am sure with practice, you will continue to get better and better :)


  2. Amazing what you can make with just tones of a colour. I am very impressed, you are very clever! xx

  3. I wish I could do a course like yours Eileen, it certainly sounds interesting and like you can learn a lot. Loving this page and how you have only used two tones... I am impressed.

  4. That's VERY good - I look forward to seeing the finished picture.
    Most impressive are those straight lines on the building. I'm sure I couldn't do that freehand!
    All the best :)