Friday, 26 June 2015

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt | Six More Found!

I didn't have to work yesterday, there was only housework to do at home, but ... I don't like housework and the sun was shining, so I made better use of my time and toddled off to Bath to take some photos for the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt.
I started off up at Claverton Down, the home of Bath University, to photograph the entrance for No 10 | a college or university.

Next stop was to be a little way down the hill at Claverton Manor but as I turned the corner by the university cricket ground I spotted this, No 9 | a tent.

I carried on down the hill to Claverton Manor and the location of the American Museum so that I could photograph their ticket booth for No 19 | a ticket booth. I had planned to go into the museum as there is a tepee in the grounds but unfortunately everything was closed due to a power failure, so maybe a return visit for that one.

My next stop was Sydney Gardens which is the only remaining eighteenth century pleasure garden in the UK.  The first photo is Minerva's Temple and the second one is, I think, the Pavilion, both for No 5 | architectural columns.
Still in Sydney Gardens, and photos of the two cast iron bridges over the canal for No 6 | a metal bridge.

The final photo took me right to the top of Bath to Beechen Cliff, the hill mentioned by Jane Austen in Northanger Abbey. At the top of this hill is Alexandra Park where there are magnificent views over the city and its surrounding hills.  This is for No 16 | a panoramic view, taken while standing someplace high in the air.

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The TARDIS Toilet and Other Photos | a public restroom, bathroom or toilet, a turtle, and someone holding an umbrella
Many thanks to Rinda for organising the hunt again this year.


  1. You are doing well with this, hoping to start mine next whilst away. X

  2. a well planed trip to capture 6 items

  3. Great finds. I am still green with envy over your Tardis Toilet!

  4. You are doing well! I love the photos of the bridge. Have a good weekend.

  5. Very nice! I liked all, but especially the panoramic view one. Cool scavenger hunt, it makes you be aware of surroundings and to use your brain to think of pictures for the items on the list. I agree, a sunny day outside is always better than inside cleaning.


  6. You did have a good and productive day! Lots of lovely shots of familiar sights

  7. Hi Eileen, did very well to get out! Lately also go out and leave some stuff for another time! Got magnificent photos to the Scavenger Hunt. About your question, I use on a daily basis for my photos around the place where live a simple cell phone,)). Alcatel one touch;))! Good weekend. Hugs.

  8. Don't you just love days like this?! And who would want to do housework where there is fun to be had. You certainly got some good shots in Bath.

  9. What a gorgeous selection of pictures.

    Have to tell you: I was facetime-ing my nephew Little E yesterday and he was showing me his Lego and he had built a tardis and he said wait til you see what's inside. he had put a toilet in there! I asked him what gave him the idea and he said he's seen a picture of one!

  10. You've got a fabulous start! And gorgeous photos!

  11. Wow - great job on the hunt. These are wonderful finds!

  12. I love it when people take trips to find photos for the hunt.
    I think that beautiful panorama is my favorite.

  13. More fabulous photos, Taking a trip out to hunt for photos is such fun and beats housework any day :)