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Me on Monday ... counting down to the summer break.  Only 10 more teaching sessions to go, and then 11 weeks holiday!  This week will be tiring, but fun, as I allow the children free choice to play their favourite pieces - they're happy as they think it's an easy option but it's a good way for me to assess their progress.
Today, after I finished work, I helped Julie move some more things round to be stored in my home. Her house will be photographed tomorrow, so they are all having a last minute panic.  That was also the pattern for Saturday and Sunday, either moving boxes or searching on the Internet for possible new homes.  I started looking for myself as well, maybe to downsize when I've sold off all of Ced's things.  It's a possibility, but needs a lot of thinking about.
I've just been looking around the garden and was pleasantly surprised to see that the blue clematis that I thought I'd killed, has actually flowered.  Only one flower, but it's a start. 
It's lovely to see that the planting has attracted some wildlife - plenty of bees and insects, and there are a few birds visiting the garden, but I'd like to see more.  I'm thinking of getting this sort of feeder and will set it up just beyond the end of the decking, nearish to the house, so that I can photograph the birds from the living room.  If any of you have any do's and don'ts, I'd appreciate the advice.
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  1. It's lovely to see your hard gardening work paying off. Our garden used to be a car park and it has taken ten years, almost, for the birds to realise they'll find greenery here instead now. Have a great week.

  2. Eleven weeks off sound heavenly!! I think down sizing can be a good thing especially if you find something in a house that suits your needs :)


  3. D used to tell me that we would downsize when all the kids flew the nest. Unfortunately he is such a hoarder that as the years have gone on we now need more space since the kids left home than before. I don't think downsizing is an option for us certainly all the time he is still collecting antiques. It's great when you find a plant has found a new lease of life isn't it. A couple of my clematis have already flowered and one or two are still in bud. My passionfruit has two flowers but has an abundance of flowers yet to open.

  4. One flower, but perfect, and such beautiful light! I have a similar clematis. It got so top heavy I thought it was going to fell the neighbour's fence so I cut it right back only to find she was cross as apparently she loved the blooms. Luckily for her it has come back stronger than ever- a better shape and laden with buds.

  5. Lovely blue clematis. I like the bird feeder you are sizing up - do you feed even in the summer? I just cannot image having to move house - oh the stuff that seems to have just shown up in my house, would take months to sort through!

    1. No, I won't feed in the summer as there is plenty around for the birds, but I will put water out for them.

  6. Hi - thank you for your lovely comments on my blog - and welcome :) I have a soft spot for clematis and have a number of them climbing trees in the garden, which is fine until they suddenly romp away and grow to the top and then I cant see them! Oh well, I'll just have to plant another one at the bottom again :)

  7. i'm on the count down to school finishing now. We have feeders in the garden but not near the patio - sounds a perfect place to get those photos

  8. 11 weeks holiday to look forward to.... I bet you are looking forward to that. Hope the weather stays good so you can enjoy your garden and going out with your camera.


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