Monday, 15 June 2015

Me on Monday

Me on Monday ... another day off!  A good way to start the week, I think, and a big thank you to both my Monday schools for having TD days today. I've done a bit of shopping, some laundry and cleaned the bathrooms, but that's about it for today. 
It was a busy weekend, although not in the way I was expecting.  I was convinced that I'd be meeting up with friends who have returned from living abroad, but apparently that's going to be next weekend now ... something to do with them celebrating too hard, hangover, couldn't face the car journey, etc.
So Saturday was band practice in the morning, report writing in the afternoon and watching The Hobbit on TV in the evening.  On Sunday I was supposed to be doing a car boot sale with Julie but that was cancelled by the organisers so I finished sorting the spare bedroom ready for Julie to use it for temporary storage.  
I had two lovely surprises this weekend.  The first was the little bay tree in the photo, which was a gift from a neighbour (also called Julie), along with some pak choi she'd grown and which I added to my stir fry last night. The bay tree needs re-potting, which I hope to do some time this week. 
The second surprise was being given a seated cross trainer, passed on to me by Julie who no longer wants it.  It's in the garage at the moment as I won't have room for it in the house until Julie moves her things out.  The fact that I can sit to do the exercise should make it easier on my knee joints while still allowing me to do the cardio exercises my doctor has recommended.  Only time will tell! 
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  1. That cross trainer does seem like it will be good for exercise :) Always good to have a Monday when you don't have to go into work and can get things done around the house :)


  2. That cross trainer sounds like a great idea. An interesting weekend, then, if not quite what you had been expecting! Have a good week Eileen

  3. It's always good to start the week with a day off, when I went part time I chose Mondays to have off.

  4. oooh i like pak choi! mondays are a good day not to work x

  5. Glad you enjoyed your work-free Monday! Xx

  6. I love Pak Choi, clever neighbour for growing it