Saturday, 20 June 2015

Street Plants in June

This month's search for street plants took place in Nunney, looking around the castle and the wall surrounding the castle grounds.

First are the plants found inside the castle - not as many as I was expecting to find.

The next photo was also taken inside the castle, peering through a fence as one of the towers was cordoned off - I think possibly because birds were nesting there. You can see how the lack of foot traffic has allowed more plants to gain a foothold.

The rest of the photos are taken of the outside of the wall surrounding the castle, next to the footpath leading down to the bridge over the brook.

Linking with Lucy at Loose and Leafy.


  1. Good morning Eileen, I love see these plants on old walls. Some recognize! Magnificent photos! Hugs and good weekend.

  2. I thought of you in the week when I passed a high stone wall strewn with self-set purple flowers. It was quite striking!

  3. That would be cool to see the plants growing in the rock! Great pictures!


  4. A good variety of plants Eileen, I love the way plants grow in the smallest places. I have looked at Lucy's blog and will be joining in. Thanks for introducing me to the link.

    1. Great to hear you'll be joining in ... looking forward to seeing what you find.

  5. I'm always charmed when plants tuck themselves into the corners of steps. And perhaps unconventionally, I like the shapes of nettle leaves. (Until late in the season when they get dusty and ragged and tired. Thanks for taking part.

  6. Lovely pictures! I always admire greenery against stone walls - and with the texture of the yellow lichen behind them. I particularly like the ivy and the ivy-leaved toadflax - although not as many flowers on that as I would have expected at this time of year.
    Amazing they all survive with so little water.
    All the best :)

  7. Re. the ivy-leaved toadflax. There are fewer flowers than usual round where I live too.

  8. Impressive that these plants do so well on the walls. And they make great photos -- greenery and old stones walls.

  9. A lovely collection Eileen, it amazes me how plants survive in such harsh conditions.