Tuesday, 23 June 2015

All About ... the Art Course Day 3

Today was all about the use of additives to create different finishes.  We used kitchen roll, cling film, white candle wax and salt.
We did a practice sheet first using kitchen roll (top) to create clouds and cling film (bottom) to create a water effect.  I need a bit more practice on both of these techniques!

Next we started on a dandelion picture, using the candle wax as a resist to draw the seed heads, then using two different colour washes and finishing by sprinkling salt into the wet paint.  We will finish these next week as we had to wait for the paint to dry completely before we can lift out to create the stems.
Finally, a beach scene created in three sections.  The top sky section is a blue wash, then using scrunched up kitchen roll to make the clouds.  The middle section is the sea using candle wax, two washes and creased cling film to create the water movement.  The final section is the sand which will be two washes of yellow and brown.  I have to try to complete that before next week.
The colours haven't photographed properly so the sea doesn't show up too well and there is much more contrast between the sky and the sea in the actual painting.  On the whole I'm pleased with this painting so far.

Of all the things we did today, my favourite technique is the addition of salt.  I love the  mottled finish and think it will make good background paper for greeting cards.


  1. These are fabulous. I love the effects, so clever!

  2. V interesting. They are shaping up so well - look forward to seeing them finished!

  3. You did learn a lot, I like working in mixed media but I don't do it enough. Your pictures have turned out well.

  4. How interesting; I wouldn't have thought of all these different techniques to use! Glad you are enjoying the course!


  5. I love the texture of your ocean! I just want to go dive in!

  6. What a great course Eileen! I have been playing with different techniques lately, using cling film, Vaseline as a resist, and salt. I love the seascape, it looks lifelike with the different effects. I hope you will share more about the course. How did you make the candle wax dandelion?