Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Rainy Saturday

This is one of the blooms peeping over the fence from next door.  I popped out to take a quick photo during a lull in the rain - the fact that I've inadvertently chosen a less that perfect specimen seems to be appropriate ... it's been a slightly less than perfect Saturday so far!

It was raining hard first thing this morning so I missed out on my planned early morning walk along the canal towpath.  If I'd been staying at home all morning I wouldn't have worried about getting wet, sometime it's lovely to walk in the rain, but I had band practice at half past nine so wanted to stay dry.
So, one leisurely breakfast later, I collected Lauren and toddled off to band to find that most of the children weren't coming for one reason or another.  So few children  turned up that if I'd known I would have cancelled the practice and had the morning off!  We did quite a lot of one to one practice with the dedicated ones who were there but I feel a bit grumpy about the poor turn out.
It's still raining now so it looks like our planned car boot sale tomorrow isn't going to happen - even if the rain stops, the field will probably still be too wet tomorrow and there won't be many people wanting to buy. I was supposed to be getting my boxes of goodies ready for that this afternoon but am now spending the rest of the afternoon finishing off some reports ... only another 50 or so to do now and then I can forget about them for another year!
Things are looking up though - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is on the TV tonight, so I'll be ordering a takeaway, Indian of course, and curling up on the sofa to watch it.
Hope you all have a good Saturday.


  1. How odd, it's been dry here all day so far, although damp from overnight rain. Hope tomorrow is better for you.

    1. It's stopped raining now so hope that's it for today.

  2. Such a beautiful flower! Love the droplets of water on it.


  3. what a beautiful rose, I actually love that slightly 'faded' look they get. We had torrential rain most of yesterday too, looks horribly as though todays going to be the same... hope you have a better day x

  4. Oh how I remember those days when few children turned up for band!

  5. What a beautiful flower. Hope you enjoyed the Hobbit and Indian take away.