Thursday, 25 June 2015

Love/Hate Challenge

Celine over at Down the Rabbit Hole has tagged me to do the Love/Hate challenge - list 10 things I love, 10 things I hate and nominate 10 friends to carry on the challenge.
So, here are my lists:

10 Things I Love

1. playing in the brass band
2. hearing a baby's laugh
3. writing on good quality white paper using a fountain pen filled with black ink
4. having fresh flowers in the house
5. drinking homemade lemonade (in the summer) and homemade hot chocolate (in the winter)
6. exploring new places
7. learning new things
8. seeing a rainbow
9. relaxing in a bubble bath, reading a good book
10. red poppies

10 Things I Hate:

1. bad manners, rudeness and inconsiderate people
2. people who write in library books
3. the taste of tea
4. tattoos
5. bullying and injustice
6. driving on icy or snowy roads
7. being late
8. doing the ironing
9. broken promises
10. reality TV shows

10 Friends to Carry on the Challenge:

Maggie - The Farmer's Wife Day by Day
Barbara - From My View
Helena - Helena's Creative Maven
Miriam - Miriam's Blog
Joy - Welcome to Daisy Row
Karen - Me, My Camera, Eye
Aril - Wonderings & Wanderings from Gnat Bottomed Towers
Ella - The Flowers of Progress
Ailime - Echoes and Reflections
Betty - A Bench With a View

Over to you ...


  1. Thanks for the nomination Eileen, I'm just back from a week away, with a couple of hundred photos to edit, so will get round to this as and when I can - I won't forget, might just take a little while!

  2. Lovely post Eileen. Quite a few of my loves and hates in your list.

  3. Hi! Only just seen this. I've never been nominated for anything before! Will give my list careful consideration and post anon.

  4. Ooh great lists! I like that we share a hate of ironing and rude people :)
    Learning new things is a great one on the love list - makes me wish I'd added it to mine! Thanks for playing along!

  5. Thank you Eileen, shall do this tomorrow, before going away. Funny how many I share with you, especially the writing paper and fountain pen, though I would have blue ink. 😄 x

  6. It's nice to see how many I similarly enjoy and don't. I was never keen on tea until i tried the redbush variety.

  7. Hi Eileen, it's good to know a little more about you! Thank you so much for having me. Big hug and a nice weekend

  8. Interesting post and lists, I share lots with you on the love list, especially a love for learning new things and exploring new places. I actually enjoy ironing if I combine it with watching a favourite tv programme.

  9. Thanks for the challenge Eileen I have finally managed to post mine.