Sunday, 14 June 2015

Making Space!

The final push this morning and I've finished emptying the smallest bedroom. All that's left is the furniture that belongs in the room - the box on the top of the bedside cabinet is full of items I've sold and will be gone by the end of next week.  
It's ready to be decorated but that'll have to wait as I've promised my friend, Julie, that she can use the room for storage until they've sold the family house and she's bought her new home.  They've just brought round their first load to go in the garage ... so it's started already!  In return, they've taken the old washing machine that was in the garage to the skip for me, so that's one less thing for me to do. Hopefully the house will sell quickly and Julie and her daughters will be in their new place within a few months.  And I'll get my bedroom back!

We've also moved some of the things I want to sell to one side of the garage.  I'll contact the reclamation yard next week to see if they are interested, so all of that may be gone soon. 


  1. Good morning Eileen, a very attractive space that certainly after is going to look great! However will help your friend and is excellent! Desire to do good sales;))! Hugs and good Sunday.

  2. Must be a good feeling to accomplish what you want to accomplish to clear things out :) I too hope for a quick sale of your friend's house :)


  3. Eileen you are doing so well with your decluttering. I am still moving my piles from one place to another without actually getting them outside the door!! I have tried selling some and have free cycled others. I have lost heart with charity shops because I'm sure they don't put out all they are donated. This week I plan a concerted effort as I recognise I am not making progress. I am busy busy but getting no where. Ruthless I need to be!! You are an inspiration and kind to help our your friend Julie. I expect she is very grateful.