Monday, 2 October 2017

Day 46: Gladioli 3

Please ignore the mess in the background! It's just started raining so I can't go back out and take an 'out of focus background shot' which is what this one was supposed to be! I don't have much yellow in the garden, which is something I need to remedy next year. I'll have daffodils and crocus, but any suggestions for a small shrub with yellow flowers will be very much appreciated.

I'm meeting a friend for lunch in Lacock, but it doesn't look too promising for any photos of the village today. I'm turning into a fair weather photographer!


  1. There are a lot of yellow daisy like flowers. What colour gladioli do you have for us tomorrow.

    1. Sorry Maggie, I don't have any other colours to show you. The bulbs were a gift so the colours were a surprise for me this time, but I'll choose some others ready for next year. I'm jealous of Lady Ella because she's got a red one!

    2. Hehehe! I had lots of red. But my faves were the few pastel ones that came up with mottled white bits in. Like you, I didn't know what was coming as it was a mixed bag. Dad says I have to dig the corms up and replant next year. I could be tempted to supplement with a few extras.
      As to your apologies re. your photo...pffff! Knocks spots off any of mine!