Wednesday, 15 May 2019


It's the last big push to the finish! The decorator is here working his magic and should be finished by Friday.

He's working in the hallway which hampers access to all of the rooms in the house but luckily I had arranged to meet Joy for lunch so I was able to disappear and leave him to get on with things without me getting in the way. As to what happened next ... well, I'm blaming Joy!

I left much earlier than necessary as I wanted to take the car out for a bit of a drive and ended up driving past the retail park where the big Currys (electrical retailer) and Matalan (clothes and homeware) stores are. I had no intention of buying anything but decided to have a quick look around both stores, just to kill some time. In the past I have spend a lot of pennies during visits to garden centres with Joy so my excuse is that, because I was meeting up with Joy I was in a spending mindset when I walked into Currys. And I still had that spending mindset when I bought a Kindle Paperwhite! And again when I bought a cover for the Kindle! Thankfully, I ran out of time so couldn't look around in Matalan. Anyway, I met Joy for lunch and we had a lovely meal and a long chat - this is my (very appropriate) Joyful activity for the day.

I'm back at home now and am upstairs in my playroom keeping out of the way. The Kindle is charging as I type this. I won't be giving up reading 'proper' books but there are lots of cheap books available on the Kindle which I'd like to read, and it's a useful way of taking plenty of reading material with me when I go away for a few days. 

J turned up to do the garden last night but he was clearly unwell so I sent him home and told him to come back when he's feeling better. This means that the garden clearing is on hold but it won't be a huge delay so I'm not fretting about it. 


  1. Ooh, a Kindle sounds like a wonderful item to have! It is a gift to yourself - a reward, if you will, for all the decluttering you've done! Enjoy it!

    1. I always said that I’d never get one but I’m a convert. The model I’ve bought doesn’t have a bright screen so there’s no glare - it’s supposed to mimic a paper page in a book which it does very successfully and I can use it with no threat of it triggering a migraine. I won’t be using it to read in the bath though!!