Saturday, 1 February 2014

32/365: Looking Down on Front garden

This is taken from the bedroom window, looking down on the front garden. 
The manhole cover in the top left of the picture is in the neighbour's garden so it looks as if the only one I have to consider is the one by the drainpipe on the left of the photo.
The blue hose running along the bottom of the image is connected to the external water tap, which for some strange reason is on the front of the house and not the back. The previous owners of the house installed the hosepipe which run around the building into the back garden but I plan to have an external tap on the back of the house as well, so that I can remove the permanent unsightly hosepipe. 
There is a lot of wasted space in this part of the garden, with all the planting following (and growing over) the line of the pavement - I think it must be the original planting from when the houses were first built.  I like the plants that are here but they need to be pruned and also moved back away from the pavement.  My sister recognises the plants and knows that they can be quite severely cut back, and will happily produce new growth from the old wood.  They also need to be moved back away from the pavement and then maintained annually to keep a good shape and size.  The good news is that it is now clear that the cotoneaster belongs to me!!!
It sounds like a lot of work but this is the part of the garden that my sister and BIL are going to sort out for me - my Christmas 2013 present from them.

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  1. It will be lovely to see the change in this view over time. x