Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Weigh In Wednesday [9]

I should be celebrating because I've lost another 5 lbs in the last week but I'm actually concerned about the rate of loss.  In the last two weeks I think I lost have too much in a short space of time for a long term healthy maintainable lifestyle.  When I look at the total weight loss of 20lbs in the 9 weeks I have been trying to lose weight, it works out as an average of just over 2lbs a week which doesn't sound too bad - I'd be happy with that rate.  However, the reality is that up to two weeks ago the average was a steady 1.5lbs per week and in the last two weeks I have lost 9.5 lbs which is an average of 4.75lbs per week.
The number of calories I'm taking in each day is supposed to give me a loss of 1lb a week so something isn't right.  If it isn't a temporary glitch, then I have either based my daily calories on an inaccurate activity level or I am assessing the number of calories in each meal incorrectly.  I'll watch what happens at my next weigh in but if the extreme rate of loss continues I will have to reassess my approach.
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  1. Hmm that doesn't sound right, sounds way too quick unless you have a huge amount to loose which I didn't think you did have.
    Glad you are going to keep an eye on it. Still well done. xx

  2. good attitude to have, keep an eye but I am sure its just down to your hard work paying off x

  3. I think it will depend on how you feel in yourself, and maybe you are doing more activity just because you are lighter? If you otherwise feel well and fit then just relish the fact that your body is responding so well. And know that if you feel hungry you can eat a little bit more and not blow the losses.
    Joy x x