Thursday, 24 April 2014

100 Happy Days: Day 2

Breaking the seal on a new jar of coffee!


  1. The strong, fresh smell does make you feel happy.
    Eileen, that was a very sad story about the villagers and the Black Death. I'm pleased we don't live in times like that. The ghost story of the Rev John Atkins was creepy, too. Perhaps he got his up-sides!
    This made me think about the old folk song Widdecombe Fair, but I had the up-along mixed up with the the rest of the "all-along, down-along, out-along lea". They were all perhaps used at the time.
    When I went to junior school we did 'Singing Together' where most of the schools in the country joined in as we sang to the music on the radio. All the old folk songs were so wonderful and unforgettable.

    1. I remember 'Singing Together'. We had little booklets with about 6 songs in them which we were taught to sing (by the voice on the radio!) over a number of weeks and then every school voted for their favourite song. I can vividly remember sitting in the classroom waiting for the results to be announced and the excitement if our class favourite was the winner, and the disappointment if it wasn't. They should do something like that now to reintroduce singing to schools.