Monday, 7 April 2014

The Simple Woman's Daybook - Monday 7th April 2014

Outside my window ... it is raining, windy and cold!
I am thinking ... about the rest of the posts I need to finish for the A to Z Challenge.  Most are almost finished, just need to be checked but I still have photos to take for five of the letters.  I am enjoying the challenge, though.
I am thankful ... that I have the time, freedom and funds to indulge in my many hobbies.
In the kitchen ... it looks like a bomb has hit it! I need to do the washing up and some serious tidying up .... but can't be bothered today.  Maybe tomorrow!
I am wearing ... my dressing gown.  I have spent most of the day in bed with a migraine which has been threatening now for a few days.  I decided not to take any medication for it today and get it over and done with.
I am creating ... lots of blog posts for my Project 365, Four Season: Spring and the A to Z Challenge.
I am going ... to catch up on phone calls later on.  I have been so busy in the last couple of weeks that I seem to be out of the loop and need to catch up with friends.
I am wondering ... whether to start working toward the photography degree again.  It was suspended indefinitely when Ced was in the final stages of life so there is no hurry to restart.  I'm just trying to decide whether 'now' is the right time.
I am reading ... 'Cold Granite' by Stuart MacBride. It's a crime thriller so a nice easy read and I'm enjoying it so far.
I am hoping ...  to get all my work completed this week so that I can have the rest of the holiday to relax.  I have a paperwork day to complete, plus some housework, finish laying the gravel in the garden and do some cooking for the freezer.
I am looking forward to ... going to London on Saturday to see the musical of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  It was Julie's choice but I'm really looking forward to it.
I am learning ... to use Adobe Photoshop. It is a long, slow process!
Around the house ... I need to finish the housework.  Time for a spring clean and then move on to the next stage of decluttering.  I'm getting there!
I am pondering ... what I want to do next ... which things on my bucket list should I tackle next ... are there any new things to add ...
One of my favourite things ... relaxing at home with a good book.
A few plans for the rest of the week ...
  • Tuesday - complete the photos and posts for the A to Z Challenge
  • Wednesday - housework and paperwork
  • Thursday - housework and finish laying the gravel in the garden
  • Friday - shopping and cooking
  • Saturday - seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in London
  • Sunday - visiting family
  • Monday - music practice and then relaxing at home

A peek into my day ... ill in bed with a migraine, blogging late afternoon and reading this evening.
A favourite quote for today ...
Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy.” - Unknown


  1. I like your quote! I hope you are feeling better - especially as you have so many plans for the week!

    1. Yes, I'm feeling much better thanks. I should be back to normal after a good nights sleep. Sometimes it is just better to let the migraine develop and get it over and done with!

  2. Oh how I love musicals! What fun to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! I hope you enjoy every moment of it! I also hope that you continue to feel better for your fun weekend!

  3. Oh Eileen, I used to suffer from migraines as well. I am so sorry they are a problem for you. Glad you are feeling a bit better.
    I hear you about learning Adobe Photoshop. I watched a tutorial and then tried to apply it.... and had to turn around and watch the tutorial again. Slow and steady wins the race!
    Enjoy your week!

  4. Popping in from SWDB. I also have thought of getting into photography, but unable to take the classes as they conflict with my work schedule. If it brings you joy, ease back into it. :)