A New Approach

Yesterday was a bit of a drab day for photography but perfect for walking.

I met my friend L and we explored the riverside walks in Melksham, were out for about 45 minutes and managed just under 5000 steps in that time.  Both of us are completely unfit, overweight and unable to manage the speed the rest of our group of friends prefer to walk at, so we've decided to form our own little breakaway group and do a slow, short walk every Wednesday morning.

I felt tons better afterwards though and that one walk has kick-started my self-improvement gene, which disappeared into the background at the end of last year.  I keep on about need to lose weight and so far my efforts have been focused on that one aspect, i.e. dieting as the only way to lose weight. I'm pleased with how I've done so far, and will continue in the same manner, but I've decided to tweak my approach a little and this time concentrate on creating an all round healthier lifestyle.

There are lots of things I can do to improve my lifestyle but I'm taking a slow, sensible approach (yes, I can be sensible when I want to!) by not trying to change everything at once and swamping myself in the process. I'm going to focus on a couple of aspects of my life that I need, or want, to improve, and will set myself some smart target to monitor my progress. So to start, my first two targets are:
  • complete a minimum of 30 minutes exercise on 4 days each week during January 2017
  • eat at least 5 portions of fruit/vegetables every day during January 2017

To keep myself accountable I'll record the previous day's achievement at the bottom of each post. At the end of January I'll decide whether I need to continue with the same targets, whether they need to be tweaked, or whether I can set completely new targets.

Exercise:  approx 45 mins walk in Melksham = 1 of 4
5 portions: 0 = 0 of 5 = 0 of 7


  1. Walking's great - it's the getting up and out of the front door that I seem to find difficult! You and I are of a similar mind tho - as it happens I yesterday finally got round to browsing walking groups in my area and found one or two which look promising. I have scribbled their next ramble into my diary and if I like it, plan to join and go once a month. Always more fun in company so good you now have a date for regular walks. And you got a pic for the WPSH too!

  2. I think writing it down is quite a good idea. I so like to walk, but unfortunately Mr Man is not a walker at the best of times although this last week I have motivated him to mall walk before it gets crowded - trying to keep up my 10,000 steps a day. Good luck.

  3. It's a good idea to record your achievements Eileen. I wanted to loose weight too and am feeling pleased with my progress so far. I trained to become an NLP Practitioner in the autumn and during the training we had to work on something we would like to change. I didn't think the woman I worked with understood, because she kept focusing on exercise and I have no wish to go to a gym or loose weight this way. However, from that moment my thinking changed and foods that are unhealthy no longer had appeal. In 3 weeks I lost 10lb and while I still have the occasional meal that I like rather than what I feel I 'should' have, I relaxed over Christmas and have lost over a stone. I am 2lb from my initial goal and have booked a hot stone massage as a 'well done' to myself. I am now setting myself another 7lb goal.
    Having different mind set has made all the difference as I have Christmas food around and find it quite easy to remind myself that there are healthier options. I am drinking lots of water and herb teas and as a Christmas present to myself and my daughter I have booked a spa weekend at the end of this month in Sussex. I am planning to treat myself to a new swimming costume nearer the time and am stepping up the loss so that I can feel good in it.
    Good luck with your own intentions. Going out with your friend on a Wednesday is a good idea, it should be enjoyable and trying to keep up with your other friends who are more fit might make it less so. Here's to a healthier us and enjoy some nice walks.


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