Back to Normal

It's surprising how quickly you get back into your normal routine, isn't it? A few minutes after arriving at the school yesterday, I'd forgotten all about the holiday and everything was back to normal. The children were excited to show me what they'd been practicing (although 'practicing' probably wasn't the correct description for most of them!) and I enjoyed a perfectly wonderful afternoon taking enjoyment from their pleasure in their achievements.

This morning it was more of the same as it was back to regular Saturday morning practices for the Youth Band, this time in our new home. It was lovely to see everyone and to catch up with all the news, and to spend an hour or so just focusing on playing. I followed up with a quiet afternoon at home, getting on with jigsaw puzzle (nearly finished), and tonight will either finish reading my latest book or will look for something to watch on TV.

Tomorrow is operation Small Bedroom!!

0 mins = 2 days out of 4 achieved for my exercise target
5 portions = 2 day out of 7 achieved for my 5 portions of fruit and veg each day target


  1. It's surprising how holidays soon fade and we return to our normal routine. My grand daughter is learning to play the ukulele and it's amazing how quickly children pick up a new instrument. I've wanted to play the guitar for as long as I can remember but sore fingers soon has me giving up.
    Happy new year to you!


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