Thursday, 19 January 2017

Not Again!

I should have known better ... tempting fate by saying I was feeling better! I had to abandon the idea of working on Monday - the drive home was dreadful, I had to keep stopping - and it was straight to bed for me as soon as I got back. Tuesday and Wednesday plans had to be cancelled but I did manage to get up middayish on Tuesday and was up for most of Wednesday, although an indication of how I was feeling is that Wednesday passed in a blur of daytime TV and Facebook.

I feel tons better today but am still going to take it easy until I'm really sure I'm over it. So personal goals, plans and challenges are on the back-burner for a while and I'm going to focus on getting plenty of rest and taking better care of myself. The jobs I've scheduled that are to be carried out by tradesmen will still go ahead, but everything I was going to do myself will be left until next month at the earliest. Teaching, band practice and two theatre trips will hopefully still happen but the rest of my time in the foreseeable future will be spent doing as little as possible!

It's miserable being ill at the best of times but, living alone and being so ill has definitely been no fun at all!


  1. I still remember well being violently ill when I lived alone, and you are so right---it's the pits! Hope you're feeling much better now.

  2. So sorry to hear that you are still feeling under the weather & it is quite scary & such an empty feeling of being sick & alone. Not that it is the same of in house body company, know that there are lots of us out here in blogland sending you healing cheerful thoughts :)

  3. (((hugs))) Hoping you feel better very soon.
    J x

  4. Sorry to hear you are so icky, it is a rotten time of year for it too, I hope that you are better very soon, in the meantime take care of yourself and do as little as you can or want to. Hugs!

  5. Sorry to read you are feeling unwell again, hope you feel better soon. Take Care.