A Walk and a Trip to the Cinema

I know it's very early days but I think I'm getting the hang of this exercise lark. Yesterday I easily fitted in my daily exercise by the simple act of parking 15 minutes away from the cinema, so by the time I got back to the car I'd met my target of 30 minutes. Simples, with the added bonus of free parking! I hope this realisation is going to have a positive impact on my attitude to exercising - in the long term, I only need to double what I did today and I will easily manage the recommended 10,000 steps daily.

I was meeting friends to see 'A Monster Calls'.  We hadn't pre booked our seats but there really was no danger of not being able to sit together, as you can see from the photo!

From the trailer I wasn't expecting it to be a weepie and may not have gone to see it if I'd realised. The subject matter was a bit too close to home with things as they are with my sister. I definitely had a few tears in the cinema but thinking about it at home, after a mug of coffee and some shortbread, I'd still give the film a thumbs up.

This afternoon I'll be back in school running two recorder groups and some individual brass and woodwind lessons. I'm looking forward to seeing the children and getting back into a routine again - whether I'll feel the same by the time I get home remains to be seen!

30 mins walking = 2 days out of 4 achieved for my exercise target
6 portions = 1 day out of 7 achieved for my 5 portions of fruit and veg each day target


  1. Have a lovely time with the children. :-)
    J x

  2. I expect the children are looking forward to seeing you too. I'm stepping up my exercise this year too. I did start 2015 off with 45 min walking every morning regardless of weather. I carried on for some months but once summer comes and my life gets busier it got lost along the way. I have started to do that again, only not committing to daily. I am also joining up with a friend to do some more powerful walking. She is recovering from surgery and wants to increase her fitness, so it's good she is starting from here as I might not keep up with her otherwise until I increase my own stamina! I went to Pilates this morning and have signed up for that too. Walking is something I enjoy and parking further away to fit in your 30 mins is a good idea. Good luck with it Eileen and enjoy exploring new areas on your walks.


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