Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Playing Catch Up

To start, here's a photo of a pinecone (alt A) for the WPSH - not very artistic but I left it a bit late and the light was failing!

Yesterday was set aside for tackling various unfinished jobs around the house and garden. If I'd set my mind to it I could have completed everything on the list, but I got sidetracked by the jigsaw puzzle (just over half of the pieces in place!) so a few tasks remain and will be done today ... hopefully!

The biggie was getting the decking cleared ready for next week and that's now done. Well, there's still two big planters to move but the gardener said he'd move them for me. All the other pots have been moved further down the garden, or emptied and stored in the garage for the time being. This all took me much longer than it should have - it's bitterly cold out and I really struggled with that which together with the fact that I'm still not feeling 100% from my recent cold meant that I had to keep coming back indoors to warm up and rest - I felt really pathetic and a bit tearful but gave myself a good talking to and carried on! Altogether it was less than one hour of work but it actually took me most of the morning! Still, it's done now so I know I'm ready for the gardener when he arrives next week.

Indoors, after some warming comfort food (tomato soup with chunks of wholemeal bread, both homemade), I moved some of the boxes from the small bedroom to the end of the living room. My aim was to get the contents of at least two of the boxes photographed and ready for sale but that's one of the tasks I've had to carry over to today as I was sidetracked by the jigsaw and then interrupted by (very welcome) visitors and gave up for the day.

The visitors were Julie and daughter no 3 with my Christmas presents. I was too poorly to get to see them over the holiday so, as they knew I was on the mend, they called in with the goodies - candles, a book on preserves and jams (to go with the preserving set they gave me for my birthday), a Christmas tree ornament, some candy canes (already eaten!) and a beautiful reversible shawl wrap. I was really spoilt this year!  After they went I settled down to some reading, then a soak in the bath and an early night. 

Today, I'm feeling refreshed and have a bit more energy so I'm off to meet with friends for a walk an amble around Melksham Park and then coffee and cake to finish. If I feel up to it when I get home I'll do the photos of the things to be sold, and then finish writing the newsletter to issue to the band on Saturday .... or .... I'll just cuddle up on the sofa and carry on reading my book. Even as I'm writing this I know that the sofa and book option will win!

Hope you all have a good day x 


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Your pinecone looks thoroughly popped & all the seeds dispensed, ready for crafting! Cuddles or sofa naps are sometimes the very best a body & soul can use.

  2. glad you are feeling better and ready to take walk with friends .
    soups are best friends to senses in winters.
    it is always wonderful to loved ones visiting and having good time with them .how sweet you are still receiving gifts of Christmas dear.
    best way to relax is sit near fire place with book in lap and coffee in hand though surroundings seems to call for attention .
    Happy new year to you and family dear friend!