I Spoke Too Soon!

I spoke too soon when I said I was over the Christmas lurgy ... as soon as I was telling everyone I was fine and back to normal, it crept up on me again and the only option was bed rest. So (whispering) .... I seem to be okay again now.  I went to band on Saturday and will be back to work tomorrow. This has had an obvious knock-on effect on my January goals but there's still plenty of time so I'm feeling positive about completing two of them, and possibly all three, by the end of the month.

The replacement of the integrated fridge is behind schedule as the delivery was cancelled by the supplier due to lack of drivers! I cancelled the order and will be going to collect a fridge from a local store this week and then I have to rearrange the installation date, which may or may not be this month, depending on whether N's baby has been born. It's in hand anyway, so won't be delayed for too long.

Moving the boxes out of the smallest bedroom is way behind schedule but there are still enough days left in the month to get this done. I may have to ask friends to help now. 

The third goal for January was to get the decking removed and ....

.... trumpet fanfare ....

it's done:

It looks a bit of a mess doesn't it? My original idea was to live with it like this for a month or so to decide whether I wanted the new patio to be raised to the height of the decking (i.e. so that there isn't a step down from the french doors), or whether I preferred to go for a patio at the lower level (i.e. the height of the flagstones you can see in the photo, which will need a step down from the french doors). As soon as the decking was removed, the decision was a no-brainer - it'll be the lower level for the patio as this seem to open up the garden. So to move this project on the next step I need to arrange for a quote for laying the patio, which I hope to get around to sometime next week.

I'm already thinking about what I can choose for my February goals!


  1. Soooo many people are getting this bug, then falling ill from all its various mutations! Hope you've well and truly kicked it this time! Exciting garden work.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about the lurgy creeping in. According to the health report on the radio this morning tomorrow (Mon 16th) is the world wide saddest day of the year!
    Good that you have taken a before photo of your back garden, soon it will be beautiful & finished. Happy week ahead in spite of what "they" say about Monday (col).

  3. Hope you continue to stay well!

  4. Hope you are feeling better Eileen. Glad you are still on target for reaching your goals, it is a sense of achievement to have something to work towards.
    I haven't got specific goals, just one big one (to declutter and reorganise my home) but I am working towards that in stages. Today I collected all the glasses from different cupboards and will reduce them drastically before putting them back. I'm hoping I might clear a shelf or two.

  5. Hope you stay well! Hope too that you can get the new patio sorted soon, a big job, but well worth it I am sure!


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