Day 117: Nativity, Tesco and Treats!

Three more power cuts yesterday, only about 10 minutes each time, but enough to put paid to my cooking plans. I'd finished the soup and the chilli and was about to start the rest when the power went. Once it came back on I was getting started when it went again, so I decided to abandon that idea. I've just got home from my Tuesday school and now have a pot of fridge soup bubbling away. Fridge soup, in case you're wondering, is all the odds and ends of vegetables left over in the fridge which need to be used up ... it's different every time!

I wasn't teaching today but went in to see the dress rehearsals for the Reception class nativity play and the years 1 and 2 Christmas story performance. As I expected it was lovely to see all the children doing their best and singing at the top of their voices. The best part is seeing their teachers and TAs doing all the actions so that the children can follow - been there, done that, but now I can just relax and enjoy the performance.

I'm now enjoying a mug of coffee while I wait for Tesco to arrive with lots of goodies to restock the cupboards and freezers. I don't know if we are due any snow in this area but I prefer to have plenty in so that I won't need to go shopping if the weather does get worse. I'll be doing quite a lot of bulk cooking over the next few days, this time trying out some recipes using my new Instant Pot.

I decided against doing my own Advent calendar this year. I've no idea how I reached that decision but it was the wrong one and I've been missing my daily treat so I've come up with the brilliant idea (well, I think it's brilliant!) of buying myself a treat every day. I'm following the same rules as for previous year's Advent calendar which is that it must be a treat and not something I'd routinely buy. I've set myself a budget and have been enjoying online searches to see what I can get. It won't be a full month's worth as I only started two days ago, but enough to make the month, and me, feel special. So far I have bought a pair of fleece lined walking trousers and a new Singer sewing machine, both things were ordered online so I'm waiting for deliveries again. The sewing machine is a semi-planned purchase as my existing one is destined for the skip (would cost too much to service and repair) but I'm counting it as a treat as it's a much better model than I was going to get with lots of extra specialist attachments and embroidery stitches. Watch out for quilting and dressmaking efforts/updates in the new year!


  1. I love seeing the quilts people make and share online. I imagine it must be so special to use a quilt one has made oneself or which has been made by a friend. Looking forward to seeing yours come together. One day maybe I'll pluck up the courage (and find time) to have a go myself.


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