Day 113: Feeling Festive

I'm definitely feeling all Christmassy today. This may be due in part to the fact that I've now completed all my teaching commitments so my time is my own until January 9th. I still have a few band events and some other music groups to play out with, but they are most definitely under the heading of fun!

I've started on making the house look more festive. This week I've swapped the mugs, tea towels, jimjams and throws for the Christmas ones and will keep using them until twelfth night. Next week, it's a good tidy round and then all hands on deck for decorating the tree and the living room, which is a big change for me as traditionally my family waited until Christmas Eve to buy the tree. I realise that the reason behind that was all down to cost - we certainly had some weird shaped trees to decorate when we were children - but my Christmas is so different now and, for me, it's more about the build up to Christmas Day rather than the day itself. 

Tomorrow I'll be taking band practice for the beginners and then playing with the juniors and main band who will be busking at one on the local retail parks. It's going to be bitterly cold, if the forecast is correct, so I'll be handing out their Christmas chocolates to keep them going. We may have to invest in some hot chocolate as well and keep reminding them that they are having fun!!


  1. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your tree and decorations.

  2. I'm with you. I love the run up to Christmas too.

  3. Good for you Eileen; I think you're great. Christmas future sometimes crosses my mind (not in a good way) and I wonder how I will deal with it when it comes. Hope the music making went well. I did my first service of the season last week and there's a concert next to look forward to.


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