Day 112: Thursday!

In the end, both deliveries arrived this morning via  the same courier. The reason given was that they had tried to deliver on time yesterday but no one answered the door. How this was possible when I didn’t leave the house all day I don’t understand.  Anyway, it's all here now and I’m trying to be happy about it but if I'm honest, I am annoyed. With other commitments I won’t be able to set my new laptop up until Sunday, so I feel a bit like a kid who’s not allowed to play with a new toy.

The band is playing carols outside Sainsbury tonight so I have that to look forward to. Today will finish on a much better note!


  1. I do miss being involved in Christmas music making and I wish you all the joy possible as you participate. Have a wonderful time.
    J x

  2. Some of these couriers need a bit of a kick, well you know where. I would find that very annoying.

  3. Yep! I'd be bl**dy annoyed about that too - and lying about it is the final straw! Hope the stuff, when you get to it, provides hours of fun.

    1. Oooh - I had to come back and bend your ear... Just had two mails from Amazon saying they attempted to deliver but no response. I have been in all morning!!! No knock, no ring, no phone call. I opened the door ... no footprints in the snow other than my own! My neighbours are also in both sides and saw no-one... Grrrrrr!

    2. Did you take a photo? I'd have sent proof that there hadn't been an attempt to deliver, not that it would do any good!

    3. I didn't think of that! I couldn't find an e-mail address for customer services though, so I wouldn't have been able to send. I eventually found a phone number and ended up even more annoyed because the girl who answered was so dim. Not even an apology for the deceit or inconvenience - just a promise that the courier would call me "today or tomorrow" to tell me when they will come. Gee thanks; all totally beside the point and of course more wasted time. Almost guaranteed we'll all be out tomorrow now that the thaw has started. The original date given was Saturday so it's getting ridiculous. I'll get me coat.


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