Monday, 18 December 2017

Day 123: Fingers Crossed!

I'm still waiting to hear from the boiler man so fingers crossed that he can fit me in today.

So far this morning I've driven Lauren to work, had a long phone call with my sister and another even longer one with the friend I was supposed to be meeting for lunch today (we both had to cancel so I don't feel quite so bad for messing her around and we'll reschedule in the new year), none of which were on my list of important-things-that-must-be-done-today-without-fail!

I'll wait till after lunch before I get started on the absolutely-must-be-done-first task which is to empty the living room of all the boxes. Everything that is staying will be put away, I'll do the charity/skip run tomorrow (hopefully, but it depends on the boiler) and then I'll have to find temporary homes for the things that still have to be sold. My aim is to get the tree up and the room decorated, ready for entertaining over the Christmas break.

A couple of my treats have turned up in the post today - the fleece lined walking trousers (just need to take them up) and a Christmas novel which I'm not sure why I chose but am sure I'll enjoy anyway.

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