Day 124: I'm Ready!

  • Presents bought and wrapped - tick
  • Little Miss C's birthday card bought (a Christmas Day birthday, she has her birthday present on June 25th which is when she has her party) - tick
  • Food shopping completed (I'm eating out most days so don't need to worry about fresh fruit and veg this year) - tick 
  • Christmas cards written and delivered - tick
  • House cleaned and polished - tick
  • Living room decorated - tick
  • New boiler ordered - tick
Tesco was packed full this morning when I picked up the last few things so I'm glad that I don't need to tackle the shopping crowds later in the week. 

I arrived back home just in time for the boiler man, who turned up as I was unloading the car. The good news is that, a) I wasn't charged for his work this morning and b) although there is an intermittent fault, the water is still heating every day and the central heating is functioning to a point so, as I now have my new super duper Dyson fan heater as back up, I'm not going to freeze. Can you tell I love my new fan heater? The bad news is that a new boiler is the way forward although it isn't totally bad news as the replacement boiler will be about 25% more efficient so should be cheaper to run. The current one will hopefully keep going until February but he'll install the new one earlier if necessary. This means that the windows will still be replaced in January/February, the boiler in February and I'll delay the work on the bathrooms and bedroom until both of those jobs are completed. N who is doing the bedroom and bathrooms will be able to make good if necessary after the completion of the windows/boiler work. Then it'll be the decorating, new carpets and soft furnishing and I'll be finished.

I'm ready to start my Christmas celebrations now. First up is a visit to the cinema tomorrow to see 'Sing', as a helper with my Tuesday school. The entire school is going so it should be fun!


  1. Good news all round, in fact. I'm glad you think well of the new fan. Tomorrow sounds lovely.
    J x

  2. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Eileen. Enjoy yourself. Love Caroole x


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