5 in 5: The Bridge Inn

Before I start I'll admit that I haven't followed the rules, which are to take as many photos as you can in five minutes and then select the best five to include in your post. I had every intention of doing that but things didn't go according to plan and in the end I only took five photos in total, luckily just the exact number I needed for this post.

They were taken yesterday in Horton at the end of a delicious lunch. I'd meant to photograph the food but only remembered when the plates were empty! I only took this one as a joke when my friend said to photograph the plates and just imagine the food, not intending to use it for one of my five ...

Then as we were leaving the pub I took three other photos indoors, just because   ...

... and was intending to wander around outside for the five minutes to photograph the outside of the pub and the canal running alongside but I only managed this one ...

... before I abandoned the idea and jumped into the car. I'm surprised the photo is usable - the power of the wind, courtesy of Storm Eleanor, was frightening and I struggled to hold the phone still, so one attempt was enough! The drive home was horrendous, not the best weather to be out in such a small car.

5 in 5 is the brainchild of Sandie over at Itchifingers, so many thanks to her for organising it. It's open to everyone so feel free to join in if you'd like.


  1. I can relate to this process. It often happens to me. I had five photos from a museum trip I wanted to use, but realized they spanned over a half an hour, not five minutes. This morning (on the 5th no less) I took five in less than five which I'll post later. I can't tell you how many times I've meant to take photos of my meal and forgotten in the pleasure of experiencing the meal itself---which is probably the better path!

  2. Your 5 give me a warm cozy feeling, just perfect on a cold day. The bathroom sign made me laugh.

  3. You won't believe it Eileen, but I took photos of a meal in a pub and a lovely fire too! I decided to take more photos of the fabric instead, but laughed to myself when I saw yours. They were so similar - great minds think alike!
    I totally understand you not going to the canal. The wind here to fierce too, and I had to drive carefully because I could feel it snatching the wheel from my hand. I often hand an idea for 5 in 5 and then realise I missed the intended moment - of well, I hope you enjoyed your meal! The empty plate suggests that you did. Thank you for taking part and I enjoyed your photos and post.


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