Happy New Year

I finished my Christmas jigsaws this morning. Well, I say finished but there are five pieces missing so I've sent a text to all my visitors requesting that they return their stolen pieces by Saturday. It's a family thing and it's all about being the one to fit the final piece of the puzzle. Obviously I will win as there are really only four pieces missing - I may have accidentally hidden a piece myself! It's okay, none of them read this blog.

It's been a quiet but happy start to the new year. I met a friend for lunch and then a quick trip to Currys to buy a kettle in their sale (mine hasn't stopped working yet but is making strange noises so is on it's way out). I had a roast pork dinner so now don't need to cook for myself tonight and can just have a snack, which makes things easier.

I've let the exercising slip over the holiday period but have started as I intend to go on and have resumed my walking plan today. It hasn't taken as much effort as I thought it would. It's the Nordic walking course on Sunday and then I hope to be joining in with one of their walks every week (weather depending, as it's a 50 minute drive each way). 

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year. I'll be back tomorrow with the link up for the scavenger hunt, not that I've made much progress myself! 


  1. That's funny about the stolen jigsaw pieces! And even funnier that you were ready to get the last laugh!

    Happy new year Eileen - here's to new beginnings! xx

  2. Happy New Year to you too! My efforts at the scavenger hunt are definitely pathetic so far! We were given two jigsaw puzzles this year and we have now finished them both. There were two pieces missing from the first one which the dog is being blamed for.


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