Tuesday, 9 January 2018

An 'At Home' Day

It's most definitely an 'at home' day today. It's warmed up considerably but it's misty, raining on and off with drizzle in between showers, and very grim and grey out there. I've managed one short walk outside (to post a letter - 385 steps, not that I'm obsessed or anything!) and my poorly toe isn't up to much exercise, so another reason to stay in. Indoors it is lovely and warm (the boiler is behaving itself today!) and I've nearly done enough to earn myself a day off from sorting/decluttering duties. 

I have to find a suitable plastic box and then all the December/Advent/Christmas goodies can be put to bed until next year. I've been rethinking things in the playroom as well. When the room was originally finished I kept all the things relating to hobbies and interests that I thought I'd still want to do but in reality I haven't looked at over half of the stuff and I think it's time to decide that certain hobbies and/or active interests are a thing of the past. This includes things like the advance music theory books and workbooks; I was studying to get my higher grades in music theory when Ced was first taken into hospital but there was never time to continue with it once he came home and the illness progressed. I'm no longer teaching to the same level and I no longer have a professional need for the qualifications, and if I'm honest with myself, I no longer have the same level of interest to just continue the study as a personal achievement. So ... it's all going. Lots of workbooks and reference books will be advertised for sale and will free up a shelf in one of the cupboards. The same applies to the watercolour paints. I'll keep the paper and the watercolour pencils but will sell the paints, which'll free part of another shelf.

Hopefully I'll get that all photographed and advertised today or tomorrow, which means that I'll have room to put the new sewing machine away with free space left over for when I start trawling through the boxes downstairs. I say 'hopefully' because the new photography editing software is due to arrive today so I may will get side-tracked once that's here!


  1. I know what you mean about giving up things from past interests. Ah but think of the wonderful empty space you'll get in return ... cannot wait to hear about the new photo editing software.

  2. I'm another who'd be interested to hear about the photo software. Months later, I still need suitable software for W10. Hope you enjoy playing, working out what it does/doesn't do. I'll give you some time, then I'll pester you for thoughts/opinions! ;o) (I know I still owe you an e-mail.)

  3. Good luck with the decluttering. It will be lovely when it's all done.
    J x