Sunday, 7 January 2018

This Weekend

It's been a lovely weekend!

I've just hauled myself out of the bath after a much needed long soak on completing the Nordic walking intro course. I am officially shattered! It was a very early start to get to Malmesbury by 9 o'clock on a freezing cold morning. It was actually snowing at one stage and I admit that I paused to wonder what on earth I was doing. The course lasted four hours with one break for coffee, and it was hard work but good fun. I normally aim to do at least 8,000 steps in a day and I completed that in the first hour. The walks in the future will be easier, lasting just over an hour each time.

Saturday was busy with the start of band practice. It was lovely to see everyone and we had fun playing a combination of old favourites and a few new pieces. Then after practice I toddled off to Currys to buy a new TV as the on/off switch has broken on the old one and the parts are no longer available to repair that model. I settled on a Panasonic smart TV reduced by £120 in the sale with an additional 10% reduction using Lauren's staff discount card. A bargain, and just in time as it was her last day in the job! I went for a 40 inch screen, the smallest in the range though much bigger than I really wanted - I don't get the attraction of the huge TV screens that are available. My nephew came round to set it up for me - I did try but failed miserably at fixing the stand - and he's also going to come round in the week and do some odd jobs for me.

Later on Saturday afternoon Julie arrived to collect the bedroom furniture I'd given to her so we had to move all four pieces downstairs and load her van, a simple job made much more difficult by the two bends in my staircase. Still we struggled through it and it's all gone so I now have the space to get on with organising and sorting the rest of the boxes - that's next week's target.

Hopefully the photo editing software will arrive next week so I can start using my camera again. Something else for me to look forward to.


  1. Phew. Well done for coping with a very busy weekend! The walk sounds killing!
    J x

  2. Yes, well done! Sounds very enjoyable, not to mention fulfilling. Great that you have someone who can do horrible jobs like setting up tech equipment. Jealous! Looking forward to hearing more about the Nordic walking. I took just one pole on yesterday's hike and was glad I had as it was very slippery in places. It saved me twice from going right over!

  3. Yeah to getting that second bedroom cleared out - it must give you such a lift. Hopefully any stiffness from the Nordic walking will be gone by Monday morning.