A Day in Devizes

It's been a day filled with shopping and catching up with a friend. I had to go to the Age UK office in Devizes so that they could check my DBS certification. This is to do with the befriending I'm hoping to do but it seems that the wheels of progress grind slowly and there is very little chance that this will get off the ground before Easter.

I'd collected my friend, L, on the way so we did a bit of shopping - I bought some Christmas cards ready for next year, reduced to £1 per pack - but really it was way too windy to want to be outside so we resisted the temptation to wander too far.

taking a short cut through the Ginnel to get back to the car
We decided to eat at the Bridge, which is in Horton (a village just outside Devizes) but arrived before their midday opening time so sat in the car having a good natter. Once they opened we sat by a roaring log fire with hot coffee and thawed out our noses and toes, before ordering our meals. I'm so glad we opted for the light bite meals as they were huge, so I dread to think about the amount of food served up for a full size portion!

On the way home we stopped off for food shopping in Morrisons, so the fridge and cupboard are filled and I will only need to shop again this month to buy fresh fruit and veg. 

I arrived home to find the garden battered by the storm. It's not too bad in my garden, just the wheelie bins blown over and one of the climbing roses has been pulled away from its trellis. There's leaves and debris everywhere but no point trying to clear it up until the storm passes. My neighbour's garden seems to have more damage with lots of their bigger shrubs broken off and the honeysuckle that grows over the fence has snapped off low to the ground and is now laying in pieces across their patio.

I'm in for the night now so will snuggle up in the warm and either watch TV or make a start on a new book. 

I hope it's not too bad where you are. Take care.


  1. I bought some reduced Christmas cards on 23rd December ready for next year! The bureaucracy around getting DBS is almost crippling. My daughter wanted to do some volunteering to gain experience before applying to university. It took so long she no longer had the time to actually volunteer!

  2. I had a little walk in Devizes the day I visited Caen Hill Locks. I was surprised how small it was. (How come it's so well signposted!?) Looks as if you had a lovely time and yes, the wind has been absolutely fierce. Wheelie bin damaged my car! On the subject of cards, I decided not to buy any more new ones last year, as I have so many half-used packs dating back several years. Then what happened? Standing in the queue at M&S before Christmas, I spotted some I loved. I could probably have resisted ... had I not noticed they were half price. Reckon I have enough in stock for the next three years now!


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