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The photography editing software didn't arrive yesterday so I've stayed at home today, waiting for the doorbell to ring and a friendly delivery driver to hand me a software sized package. Sadly, that's not going to happen today. I've just received an email apologising for the delay and confirming that the courier will be collecting the parcel from them later today so the earliest I can expect delivery is tomorrow. The only flaw is that I'll be teaching tomorrow so won't be here to accept delivery. Aargh!

I've chosen 'Lightroom' and have opted to buy the software outright rather than as a download with a monthly fee. The software was chosen on recommendation by two acquaintances, both professional photographers, and online searches seemed to back up what they are saying. Up to now I've always used the software that came with the camera for basic editing and quick tweaks, and Photoshop for the more involved stuff, and I've been happy with the results. However, as I use both Canon and Nikon cameras that meant two different editing packages and I wanted to change to a single package for both cameras, and it seems that Lightroom is the way forward. It also seems to do everything my existing editing skills ask for and more, with the exception of layers, so my use of Photoshop may take a back seat. 

I've been reading lots of the articles that appear at this time of year which discuss '20 tiny pleasures to embrace in 2018' or '23 surprising weight-loss tips'.  I'm sure you know the sort of thing I mean. At the same time the potential for changing and improving my diet/attitude to food has been on my mind, bubbling away in the background and I've decided on a way forward. The general advice is not to deprive yourself of anything but to accept that some things must be eaten in moderation. I'm okay with that approach as it's what I've tried to do before and as my diet is already restricted because of food allergies, I'm loathe to make it any more difficult. I've decided to move to a 'whole food' approach, and by that I mean to remove all processed foodstuffs from my diet. It's not paleo or clean eating or any of the other named diets, but for me just means that I'll be using ingredients that are unprocessed (as much as is possible), affordable and practical.  At the same time I want to eliminate added processed sugar.

The advice is to make the changes slowly, which having taken the time to think about it is a good approach. The suggestion is to decide which changes on which meal will afford the most improvement and start making changes slowly. For me I think it is breakfasts. I usually just have toast, occasionally a full English, and sometimes a variation on a boiled egg (egg sandwich, dippy eggs and soldiers) so my immediate focus is on coming up with at least ten new meal ideas which are quick to prepare (hopefully less than fifteen minutes), are beef and dairy free and don't all include bread as I feel I eat too much bread. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated please. I tried one of the Hairy Bikers' diet breakfasts this morning - 2 crumpets (not buttered), topped with a warm spiced soft fruit compote and a drizzle of honey. It's also supposed to have a spoonful of natural yoghurt but I left that off. It only took a few minutes to prepare, was very yummy, and kept me feeling full for four hours so I didn't want a mid-morning snack like I usually do.


  1. Do you have a soup maker - I gather they are very quick and easy and soup makes a great meal.
    J x

    1. I did have one but passed it on to a friend. I always have plenty of portions of soup in the freezer but I find it just as easy to cook on the hob or in the slow cooker.


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