Feeling Refreshed

Yesterday was just perfect. I didn't have any plans except to take things slowly and have a restful day. Definitely no work, no decluttering, and no rushing about was the order of the day. 

I didn't set the alarm and actually slept in until gone 10 o'clock, which is almost unheard of for me. Lately I haven't been sleeping properly and usually wake ridiculously early. I spent most of the morning finishing letters to friends, proper paper and ink letters, not email - I love sending and receiving hand written letters and don't do it often enough, although one of the recipients doesn't have a computer so I always write to him.

Lunch was a UFO (unidentified freezer object), a random selection which turned out to be fish pie. From the state of the freezer I think I went through a bad patch of not labelling things properly! Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise and very tasty too. I plonked myself in front if the TV for the afternoon and finished watching Little Women. I can't decide whether I like this latest adaptation of the book or not. Did anyone else watch it? 

After that I sank in the depth of that great time waster known as Facebook, eventually getting sidetracked by a recommendation for a book series where the first book was free on Kindle, so I downloaded it. The book, 'Surviving the Evacuation, Book 1, London' by Frank Tayell is not my usual choice. It features zombies and is a genre that usually bores me stiff, but as it was only 196 pages long I read it through in one go and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I've now bought the second book but am not sure that I'll manage to read the entire series, which is currently twelve books, though if they are all so short it shouldn't be too time consuming. 

A long soak in the bath followed by an early bedtime and a good night's sleep meant that I woke this morning feeling refreshed. I feel ready to face the week ahead, whatever it brings!


  1. I watched it (Little Women) and rather enjoyed it. It was too 'modent' and AMy wasn't right although the actress did a good job, but I enjoyed it more than any other adaptation I have seen. I thing something like that is never going to be exactly right, especially if the original is a well loved childhood favourite.
    So glad you had a calm and restful day. You needed one, didn't you?
    J x

  2. That sounded like a most delightful Sunday. I think we all need days like that to refresh & restore our selves. I have not seen the new adaptation of Little Women. Nothing like a book that surprises us.

  3. I watched it, too, and thought it mostly good although I felt the girls were too modern in look and speech pattern and I didn't like that they had made Amy older. The best performances were from the oldies - Gambon & Lansbury. My favourite is still the old B&W one with Katherine Hepburn as Jo!

  4. Glad you got a day to yourself to refresh & store yourself. I have not seen this adaptation of Little Women. I have not been a fan of zombie books, tv or movies I will take a look at the library to see if they have & give it a go.

  5. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered!
    I saw Little Women and quite enjoyed it but felt as if it was all about telling the bare bones of the story. The chemistry between the sisters wasn't really convincing so the stuff they went through didn't move me as much as it should have.


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