Sunday, 3 May 2015

123/365: Sorting Recipes

I've abandoned my plans to go out today as it's pouring with rain. On the plus side I won't need to water the plants tonight, but the down side is that I'm at a bit of a loose end. So I'm sorting recipes, inspired in part by Lady Ella who has been busy with exactly the same task.
Or I should say that I've started sorting them.  I have loads and loads of online recipes which I've bookmarked but have never tried them out.  If you'd asked me before the brainstorming session I'd have been hard pushed to explain why but now I have a clearer idea.  I don't use them because:
  • the bookmarks aren't labelled properly so I don't always know what recipes I've saved,
  • there is no order to the way they are saved so even if I remembered a particular recipe, it wouldn't be an easy task to find it,
  • it's sometimes difficult to manage new ingredients which can't be bought in small quantities when cooking for one, even if I freeze extra portions,
  • I prefer to have the recipe in front of me when I'm cooking but don't have any of the recipes printed out and there is not enough room to use the laptop in the kitchen, and
  • I'm stuck in a bit of a rut about the foods I eat.
All of these things are simple to overcome.  Time consuming initially, but easy enough to get it all sorted and come up with a workable solution. 
I still need to lose a lot of weight and I plan to do this with a combination of the Slimming World approach and calorie counting - this is what worked for me when I lost three stone and when I was monitoring my daily food intake using the My Fitness Pal app.  One of the more useful features of the app is the facility to import recipes from the Internet and it'll show you the nutritional value and calorie count per portion.  So that's my starting point.  I've sorted out some new recipes to try out, have made a note of any new ingredients I'll need and I've imported the recipes into My Fitness Pal.  I've also deleted the bookmark, printed out the recipes and if they are successful I'll laminate them to keep them for future use.  


  1. I've never got into on-line recipes for pretty much the reasons you list - too hard to have a laptop in the kitchen and don't print them out. However, your post made me smile as I caught sight of the sunflower vase you posted about during the A to Z Challenge and could see it in your photo proudly holding those beautiful flowers :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  2. We use online recipes, but dont bookmark them, if we need to make something new we print the recipe off straight away - like you I need to have it in front of me when I cook - and if it works out ok and we think we'll use it again it goes in a pocket in the filing cabinet. I understand about the bookmarks though, I have loads that I need to simply delete if/when I can actually make the time to be bothered to do it.

  3. it was a good idea you decided to stay indoors. I got soaked through this morning!! Liking your recipe idea x

  4. I need to thin out my recipes (and thin out my body too LOL :) I print out recipes I might want to try. I have them in two binders, a chicken binder and a beef binder (miscellaneous goes in the chicken binder like ham recipes). We cooked definitely when son lived at home but he moved out November. Now we are eating smaller if that makes sense so I need to dump the casserole recipes I had saved, etc. It is a daunting job and one I've been putting out. We're trying to eat healthier with more salads and less carbs here :)


  5. Enjoy! I have to say the thing that in some ways was most satisfying - and made the task so much more approachable - was going through and ditching all the dross before I got started. I'm surprised how much I enjoyed the cooking after that, and I still have summer recipes that I'm looking forward to.

  6. So very organised Eileen. xx

  7. I never bookmark I always print out the recipe and then try it and if it is good I have a lever arch file and the recipe goes in there. I have been trying sugar free recipes because Mr M is diabetic and several have worked wonderfully and a few have been folded neatly and put into the recycling