Friday, 1 May 2015

121/365: What Next?

I've just about finished the first (and hardest) stage of the decluttering. Everything that could be disposed of has gone and I now have to get on with selling the remainder, either via online auctions, Gumtree or at a local car boot sale. It'll take time and will eventually be done, but this next stage of the decluttering doesn't really lend itself to a daily photo so I've been pondering what to do next.
The posts in April were a positive experience for me, examining some of the items I'm  keeping and my reasons for keeping them, and I've reached the end of the month in a much happier frame of mind.  With this in mind and as a result of an awful lot of thinking, I've come to realise that I need to expand the decluttering project to include all the other aspects of my life, so instead of being restricted to how I deal with the various possessions I'll be thinking about, and maybe making changes to, how I live my life.  I'm not sure that decluttering is now the correct word to describe this.  
I'm thinking about simple things like having fresh flowers in the house; the ones in the photo were a thank you from one of my schools for organising their music concert, but their presence in the house has cheered my up.  I always used to have flowers in the house so why did I stop doing it? Also, finding ways to have special treats to look forward to such as good quality coffee, the Telegraph crossword, bubble baths, lighting the candles - all things I used to do, but stopped for some unknown reason.  It's about me realising that I've forgotten a lot of the little things in life that I enjoyed and that I need to rediscover them, or maybe find some new things.  It's also about the more major changes which will enhance my quality of life like the weight loss, exercising, improving my diet, discovering new interests and friends and the biggie ... when do I retire.  
I'm hoping that a daily photo and post will motivate me to move forward in the same way that it motivated me to get on with the decluttering.  Only time will tell!


  1. I very much enjoyed reading your A-Z Eileen and hearing of the stories behind your treasured possessions. As you know I also followed your lead on Dump your Junk and I need to carry on with the de-cluttering; time to really tackle my craft stash!
    I am interested to read whatever you decide to document next.
    Have a good weekend (and B/Holiday). Carole

  2. I did a lot of online decluttering- taking myself off mailing lists etc. That was very cathartic.

  3. It is interesting how we get away from things we once loved to do. I look forward to reading what you share here. I do admire your efforts to declutter. Having spent the last 4 years decluttering hubby's parents' house, I wish they had made an effort to do so at some point in their life. Those flowers are gorgeous.


  4. Great photo!
    Maybe your decluttering has developed into reordering: removing, adjusting and adding things so your life looks more how you want it to.