Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My Day in Photos | Monday 25th May 2015

The Photo an Hour was supposed to be on Saturday 23rd May but I was busy on the photography course and completely forgot about it so I've recorded my journey home on Monday 25th May.
6ish | Just waking up in The Bulkeley Hotel in Beaumaris on the Isle of Anglesey.  It's an early start as I've decided to take the scenic route home, driving down through Wales even though it'll add a few hours to the trip. I've woken with a sore throat which I could do without.

7ish | Breakfast.  I had a full English breakfast - painful to eat but very tasty all the same. 

8ish | Leaving the hotel - this is the view from the hotel's car park.  It's a bit of a grey day which suits me for driving. 

9ish | I've been stopping so often to admire the view that I haven't put many miles behind me, so I need to push on.

10ish | Some Welsh sheep, somewhere in Wales!

11ish | Stopped for a rest and a drink.

12ish | I've seen lots of places I'd love to photograph properly but I forgot to charge the battery for the Nikon DSLR so I'm using the snappy Coolpix camera today.  I'll think about returning to the area during the summer holiday for a couple of days.

There's two photos missing.  I was wandering around Hay-on-Wye and completely forgot to take the camera with me. Then back to the car and set off driving, and still didn't think to take one.  Never mind!
3ish | Taking a break for some food ... a really disgusting cheese and coleslaw sandwich which I bought at the garage this morning and which I had difficulties swallowing.  I gave up on the crisps, just couldn't manage them. 

4ish | In the lay-by opposite Cotswold Airfield, surrounded by lots of plane spotters.  They kept giving me strange looks ... I wondered if I had parked in someone's place.  I only stayed long enough to take the photo!

6ish | At home, finally!  Just time to water the garden while the kettle boils and then I can collapse on the sofa.

7ish | I need something to eat.  My throat feels like I've swallowed some razor blades so I've settled for easy-to-swallow Lucozade, some paracetamol and a bowl of tomato soup.

That's the final photo of the day. I spent the rest of the evening watching a repeat of Lewis on the TV, then a soak in the bath and off to bed.
Thanks to Jane and Louise for organising Photo an Hour.


  1. Glad you got home safely, hope your throat is better. x

    1. Thanks Karen. Unfortunately it's getting worse and now am sure I have a chest infection as well. I'll try for a doctor's appointment if it doesn't get any better over the next 24 hours.

      How are you managing with things?

  2. Lovin' the 12.00 photo! Really want to go to Wales.
    Boo to the bugs. Thank goodness they didn't spoil your weekend at least. Get well soon!

  3. That was cute to have a photo an hour :) Some gorgeous shots you took on your drive back home! So sorry about your sickness!


  4. Love the 12 o'clock photo. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. Lovely photos of Wales.
    Sorry you are unwell - get well soon!

  6. The photos of Wales are absolutely gorgeous!!! I really like that photo hour idea, I might have to try it out one of these days :)

  7. Missing you! Hope you're getting better! Scavenger hunt tomorrow! :o)

  8. Yes - hope you're getting better - must have been bad to stop you posting - sending you kind and hopefully healing thoughts :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  9. Ah Hay on Wye - I have dreams of visiting to go to the book festival!

    I hope you're feeling better now :) Thanks for joining in!

  10. hope you are feeling better, but glad you shared your day. Love the pics. I wanted to hop a plane from TX and take the journey.

  11. Hi Eileen, gorgeous photos! After tours nothing like the coziness of home;))! Hug