Sunday, 17 May 2015

137/365: Gardening

Today it was a case of you-can't-put-it-off-any-longer-so-finish-tidying-the-garden, so that's what I've spent the last four hours doing. Once I started and got over my lazyitis (not sure if that's a proper word), I enjoyed myself and didn't even realise how long I'd been out there.
I may go back to the garden centre and get some more of the really big pots - the ones in the 50% off sale, assuming they have any left, and also another couple of sets of the 5 ceramic pots for £19.99.  I need some more and it's unlikely I'll get them cheaper anywhere else; if I leave it until next year they will undoubtedly be more expensive.
I'm pleased with the way the garden is developing.  I had half of an idea in my head of what I wanted but it was all a bit wishy-washy and I couldn't put it down on paper, so couldn't really explain it to anyone. Now I've got the first little area almost how I imagined it.  All I have to do to finish off is move the rest of the gravel from the front of the house - or rather, arrange for it to be moved as I've damaged my shoulder (the next stage if it doesn't heal is probably an operation, which I want to avoid), and then add a few more bigger plants.  I'm on the look-out now for cutting from friends (Joy and Lyn are you reading this? hint, hint).


  1. I'm reading. I'll make a list of what I have that I could take cuttings of for you (once I recover from my current bout of lazyitis - yes it is a proper word, even if you can't find it in the dictionary!).

  2. That is what I should be doing but still suffering with lazy it's 😃 x

  3. Glad the weather held a bit so you could get some outside work done! I'm sure it will look great when all done!


  4. Beautiful sunflower! Your garden must be beautiful! Good week.