Friday, 1 May 2015

April Photo Scavenger Hunt

I haven't joined in with Greenthumb's Scavenger Hunt for months but I've actually managed to complete it this month, so here's my selection.
upside down - seen at last year's Keevil Scarecrow Trail
chair - seen outside a pub in Gloucester
something sweet - the display in the window of Patisserie Valerie
growth - new growth on the euonymus
glass - a stained glass window in Gloucester Cathedral 
bedroom - Biff , Chip and Kipper are tidying their bedroom!
rain - too wet to venture out so this was taken from the front door!
eggs - an Easter garland, seen in a shop window
fresh - looking forward to fresh raspberries later this year
feet - the decoration on a Christening cake
whatever you want - graffiti seen in Gloucester


  1. Interesting graffiti! I liked the christening cake with the feet :) I've seen other scavenger hunts out there too; this looks cute; might have to do one some time.


  2. Lovely photos especially those cakes. Need to visit a Patisserie Valerie sometime. :)

  3. Yes please to a strawberry slice! Wonderful graffiti find, and the wreath is beautiful too. I'd buy that!

    1. I would have bought it but unfortunately the shop was closed.

  4. What an unusual cake! Nice photos, but my favorite is 'upside down' and I think the 'sweet ' one is so pretty!! Makes me want dessert.

  5. Glad you decided to take part again as I really enjoyed your selection - some great interpretations. Love upside down, chair, growth and all those cakes! x

  6. Wonderful set of photos, what a cake..
    Amanda xx

  7. I enjoyed your collection of photos very much ~ It's good to see you back! I especially loved graffiti, upside down, and the cake! Good luck hunting in May!

  8. Upside down is brilliant and I particularly like the graffiti. Hope to see you in May.

  9. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. What a great group of photos. I really lie chairs, eggs glass, and whatever you want. Greenthumb

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