Saturday, 2 May 2015

122/365: Brainstorming

This isn't the post I was expecting to write today and I'm sort of surprised myself by the direction I'm taking!  It's as a result of last night's chat with friends, just one of those conversations that happen from time to time. 
I've been keeping a sort of health diary (the spotty book) for a few weeks now to try to identify why I keep feeling dizzy.  We were looking through it to see if anyone could spot a pattern but no luck on that front.  Anyway, the conversation just led on to how we're all feeling about our lives in general and it seems that the three of us all seem to be experiencing that something is missing/there should be more/time to get on and do things sort of feeling, which in turn led on to an alcohol fuelled (them) / coffee fuelled (me) brainstorming session about each of our lives.
My red notebook is filled with lists of what I want to change, what I'm happy with etc., and they have gone home with the same.  We're meeting again in a couple of weeks and our plan is to keep adding to our lists in the meantime and also work out what we actually do day by day (rather than what we think we do).  We're adding to each other's lists as well - that was the part that made the brainstorming session so revealing, that we were all adding our observations to each other's lists. 
What this exercise has revealed so far is that a big issue for me is time management and, until last night's brainstorming, I hadn't realised how much I've been worrying about it.  It's something I used to feel I was good at but now have the perception that I'm failing in some way, so for the next couple of weeks I'll be expanding my health diary to record my day in much more detail.  I hope to end up with a much clearer view of how I'm really doing and if, as I currently think, I'm wasting a lot of time I can reassess and make changes as necessary.  The next two weeks are an ideal time to do this as I have one working week followed by one holiday week (no teaching during SATS week!!!), so at the end of this I'm  hoping to be able to see how to better organise things to give myself more me time.
Decluttering today - another pile of paper to be thrown away, so I need to do another trip to the skip sometime soon.


  1. Way to go! That is a great development and an excellent idea. I will be interested to see how you tackle this - I'm sure I could learn from it and try something similar as well. Best of luck!

  2. I think its great you and your friends are doing this; it will be interesting to see what you come up with as you get back together again after a few weeks.


  3. What a great idea and to do this with friends will make it even better I'm sure!