Thursday, 7 May 2015

127/365: Keeping to the Routine

Well today is proving to be a bit of a wash out - every time I try to go outside, it rains! It's unlikely I'll be able to catch up with my photos today.
On the plus side, I'm sticking to my routine.  I went shopping first thing this morning as planned, although the getting wet part wasn't in the plan!  When I've finished writing this post I'll put a load of washing in and then will clean the bathrooms.  I'd hoped to work in the garden this afternoon but that will have to wait for better weather.


  1. We could use a little of that rain here (and in California too :) But it isn't "fun" if you are trying to get things done that involve outside. I like to have my routine, especially with cleaning the house; I do a little every day so then it doesn't feel too overwhelming. I recently settled my 4 year house cleaning strike (my next blog post LOL) so it is actually nice to clean up these days :)

    I hope you get a bit of sun soon!