Monday, 4 May 2015

124/365: Working Through the List

As a direct result of the brainstorming exercise I ended up with a list of little things I haven't done, but which are simple and quick to resolve.  I obviously knew about all of them but hadn't given too much thought to how my failure to get on and complete them was preying on my mind and affecting my mood, so today I've got on and cleared a few things from the list:
  • I've responded to emails which are long overdue a reply from me,
  • I've updated my diary so I feel more organised,
  • I've written a couple of snail mail letters which I've been putting off doing,
  • I've backed up my photos so I'm now up to date, and
  • I've sent off a couple of enquiries about selling some of Ced's specialist items.
I know it's the Bank Holiday but I thought it was more important to get on with this.  It didn't take long to do, just a couple of hours, but the relief I feel at getting these things done is instant and immeasurable. I recognise that I have all the symptoms of the early stages of depression and I don't want to sink into another depressive illness, so am taking action now to avoid it. My next task is to sort out a routine for myself so that I can stay on top of everything; this is one of the techniques that worked well for me when I was recovering from a major depressive illness in 1999, and I have every confidence that it will work this time.


  1. Its good that you recognize the symptoms of the depression and are going to work to fight yourself out of it so it doesn't get deeper. Sounds like you made good progress with it too!


  2. It always amazing me how good it feels to do a few little jobs that I have been putting off for no reason, the sense of achievement is wonderful. So good for you doing this and recognising the signs and taking steps to avoid a situation. Keep going. xx

  3. I agree with Karen's comments. I always feel so much better for doing those little jobs. Sending you my best wishes with your symptoms - it is hard when depression comes back, but recognising them is the start to recovery. Good Luck, Eileen.
    The rose is beautiful by the way - and everything needs some imperfection!