Saturday, 9 May 2015

129/365: Oops!

I went to the garden centre and look what jumped into my car!
I wanted to get some more big pots and all I was planning to do was see what was available and the cost, etc.  The three really large pots I ended up with weren't priced so I asked one of the assistants for help (and I also wanted to be sure they were big enough for the plants I've earmarked to go in them) - she didn't know the price, and obviously couldn't be bothered to go and find out, so she said I could have them for £14.99 each.  As the others of a similar size were at least £29.99 each I bought them there and then ... and when I went to pay, the man on the till misheard the price and only charged me £13.99 each.  Bargain!
I went back to get the compost (buy 2, get 1 free) and a few more plants - Freesias White River, Delphiniums Excalibur White, Semiaquilegia Sugar Plum Fairy and an assortment of plants for the hanging baskets. 
I need some help to move the existing big pots around so these will get placed and planted up tomorrow ... providing I can persuade someone to help me!


  1. nice post dear
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    thank you

  2. That is a bargain! That's would make my day!

  3. So pretty and indeed a great bargain! I bet they will look so beautiful in your garden.


  4. Oh that's the problem with garden centres isn't it. Things just seem to appear in your trolley before you know it :)
    You got a lovely assortment of plants there and what a bargain with those pots! Well done you :)
    Have fun planting it all.

  5. It so easily happens! But when I first saw your picture there was so much in it that I thought it WAS the garden centre!
    I look forward to seeing it all planted up in the pots.
    All the best :)