Sunday, 10 May 2015

130/365: Gardening

I haven't been able to fill the new pots yet.  Before I get round to that I want to move the existing ones to their new positions, but they are too heavy for me on my own and I couldn't find anyone to help me out today.  My new pots and plants are sitting on the patio until I can get some help, so probably tomorrow.
In the meantime I've filled the hanging baskets. I still have one to do because I only bought plants for four basket when I actually need plants for five so that'll be tomorrow's job. I've tidied round as best I could but it started to drizzle so I packed away and came inside for lunch. It's still trying to rain but not really amounting to much so I may have to go out later and water the garden.
I'm pondering what to do about the decking.  I currently have raised decking and I know that I want to replace it with a stone patio.  My original plan was to have a stone patio laid to the current height of the decking, so that there is no change of level when I walk out of the dining room or living room but then I have to step down to the garden.  It occurred to me today that I could have the stone patio much lower so that I step down to get out of the house but then everything else is on the same level.  The second option will probably be cheaper but I can't decide which will be more practical for me. 


  1. Good luck with your decision about what to do with the patio; I would go with what would be the easiest to get done as well as the safest for you with walking down steps, especially if it is wet from rain. As I get older (I'm not calling you old, just referencing me) I think about safety with not wanting to fall, break a hip, etc. Such a pretty hanging flower plant!


    1. That's what's on my mind as well ... the safety aspect. It's okay, you can call me old ... I'll be 60 this year.

  2. Well I love those new pots and can't wait to see what you do with them. Every pot is so inviting but the reality of heavy weight, the amount of soil to fill them, and making sure I'll be around to tend them - it's all a dose of reality vs. the garden of my dreams. I imagine you or any avid gardener has that same conflict!! I haven't done a deck-pot garden for several years, but I'm committed to doing so this year (hopefully without getting carried away). Now I just have to wait for our Mother's Day snow to melt !!

  3. Your garden will look a picture as the plants grow.
    It is difficult making decisions like levels of the patio. It might depend on if you want to have tables and chairs and to spread these out sometimes or to use a gazebo. A level floor would give much more flexibility and option for these.