Wednesday, 13 May 2015

133/365: Being More Active Day 3

I've done better than expected today, although not in the way I thought I would, but all together I've been out of the house for about four hours.  I'd arranged to meet Joy at 12 o'clock but left home earlier than I needed to so that I could take some photos on the way.  I then drove over to Westbury where I spent an enjoyable couple of hours catching up with Joy over lunch. 
So far it was going according to plan ... and I blame Joy for the rest of it.  She very kindly gave me the tomato plants you can see in the photo and which I do appreciate.  But this meant that I needed something to plant them in, which meant that I needed to buy some grow bags, which meant that I needed to go to where they sell gardening stuff, which meant that I saw the plant pots you can see in the photo, which meant that I bought them!
You can also see what is missing from the photo ... I was distracted by the pots and forgot to buy the grow bags, so I'll have to go back tomorrow.  The pots were a bargain - £19.99 for a set of five ceramic pots (all stacked inside the biggest one).  It's too hot outside to get plants in them now, so I'll do that this evening when it's a bit cooler. 
I don't know if I'll actually manage a walk today as time is running away with me but I'm happy with how the day has gone.  A friend has just phoned and is calling round for a cold drink and a chat - she's out for a walk but is baking in the sun and needs a drink and the toilet - and from past experience I know that the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening is now accounted for!


  1. Haha. I loved your last sentence. I know how that goes. Have a wonderful time with your friend. :-)

  2. Hi Eileen, beautiful ceramic vases. The tomato plants are going to be very happy;)!
    Hugs, Ailime

  3. Good to have a friend to spend time with :) The plants will get planted soon I would imagine.


  4. Lovely pots, Eileen, and what a bargain, so pleased to be of assistance.