Friday, 15 May 2015

135/365: Gardening Goodies

Here are the spoils from yesterday's excursion to the garden centre.  I'd planned to buy a big pot to use up my voucher, but admit that the plants were impulse buys.
I needed a pot that was big enough to fit the obelisk I have.  The ones I bought earlier in the week are slightly too small, so this time I was organised with a tape measure.  I spotted the pots from the conservatory where we had lunch and was more than a little excited to see that they had a 50% off sale, which means that the one I bought was selling for £29.99 instead of £59.99. I doubt very much that I would ever pay £60 for a pot and this is bigger than I needed, so may look a bit bare in terms of planting this year, but this bargain price was too good to miss. 
As for the plants I bought some more sweet peas, a tray of Ageratum Blue, a tray of Begonias, and three dwarf sunflowers.  I don't have enough ceramic or terracotta pots for all the plants I have this year so, for now, quite a lot will just have to go in the plastic pots I already have.  I bought some more compost and the grow bags in Lidl - much cheaper than the garden centre!
I've just glanced outside - it's raining!  Hopefully it's just a shower and I'll be able to get outside soon.


  1. You're so right! We made a special trip to Lidl this week for potting compost. It's a bargain. enjoy your new purchases

  2. Lots of rain it seems you guys get :)

    So fun with seeing all the gardening things you get and the plants! We won't be planting here (not that I plant a lot in the first place, LOL) so its fun to read on other people's blogs!


  3. The dwarf sunflowers are really cute! I didn't even know they existed. It's raining here too, I have a little basil plant that needs repotting but so far I've avoided doing it because the rain is just constant....

  4. Love the pot and the dwarf sunflowers. I saw some clematis that only grow to 30cm. I love going to the garden centre.

  5. So beautiful your flowrs! I love all them,